Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Social Networking

Interesting projection on the power of social networking. For those not up on the concept, it goes something like this.

- Since I'm using gmail, google determines that I know the people on the subject line. Call this a line of connection.

- Since I read gmail, google knows that the people on the subject line write me. Call this another line of connection.

- People with lots of connections are rated *important*.

- People who connect to *important* people are considered more *important*.

Google uses this type of logic to rank their web pages, and it is theorized that they use this logic to rank people in a yet to be published gmail social hierarchy. That isn't (in my opinion) a bad thing, since people do this all the time. Consider the trust you put in a personal recommendation. Since this comes from one of your *connections* it's deemed more *important* than a random commercial or flier.

So... if google has me ranked high on it's gmail social hierarchy, it will rank the links in my emails higher in it's web page index, since it's a type of personal recommendation.

Anyway, ponder this stuff as you watch the short... gives it a bit of a deeper meaning.